Why I Named my Blog “Crazy Wall Casey”

Disclaimer: While I understand the term “Crazy” can be offensive to some, here at CWC we embrace the more positive definitions of “being unusual, or being distracted with excitement” (Merriam-Webster, n.d.).

Conspiracy Theorist

In early 2022, I joined a Toastmasters public speaking and business club. My struggles: filler words and long-winded explanations. My mentor helped me write a speech about my communication style.

He said, “You don’t have to pretend to be someone else, just refine your message and cut through the noise, so that the audience understands you.”

My speech, titled “Crazy Wall Casey”, leaned into my unique style. I gesture, I’m a sucker for an analogy, and I get passionate when I connect the dots. Much like a conspiracy theorist.

Charlie from the sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia explains a conspiracy theory.

The Birth of this Blog

Overall, I joined the Toastmasters club to get better at speaking and writing. Doing so would advance my career. The Toastmasters organization has an education program called Pathways, which gives you prompts and projects to complete.

One of the projects asked me to create a blog, social media presence, or podcast. I started an Instagram and Threads page @crazywallcasey. Quickly I realized we’d need more elbow room, banner paper and red string.

So I started this blog.

I gesture, I’m a sucker for an analogy, and I get passionate when I think I’ve connected the dots.

Crazy Wall Casey

The Speech + The Future

The main takeaways from that “Crazy Wall Casey” speech were:

  1. Tangents can be entertaining
  2. Crazy Walls solve problems
  3. Maximalism is inclusive

I aim for this site to be entertaining, to solve problems, and to be inclusive.

For entertainment: Throughout the site you’ll find secret codes, clues, and easter eggs…you know for the mystery part. Tangents might occur (they’ll be fun, I promise).

For problem solving: I will decode business case studies, national and local news, and I’ll offer book reviews, and career advice. We’ll both develop as we go.

For inclusivity: You should know I encourage lengthy discussions. In fact, comment on any post you’d like -including this one! This is not an echo chamber.

Let’s learn and strategize together!



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